Rhiannon Louve as author: I've been writing fiction since grade school. I'm good with words and I love them. I am bombarded from all sides by story ideas every day (they come to me more easily than breathing), and I've spent over 30 years honing the art of presenting these ideas for others to enjoy as well.

Rhiannon Louve as dreamer: Well, I literally have amazing dreams at night, some of which I've turned into fiction, but I'm also the sort that figuratively dreams a great deal. I dream of a brighter future for all humans and all living beings, and I seek to support this dream in my work, my actions, and my thinking. I daydream too, constantly. It's sort of a job requirement for serious creative types, I think. ^_^

Rhiannon Louve as spiritual futurist: I've got all this interfaith religious education, and it's a big part of how I think about the future.

The spirituality of our culture is changing. Humans have spiritual needs, even from an atheist "purely-psychological" perspective. All humans have these. Some people also sense "something more", beyond what scientific knowledge can currently measure and quanitfy — the rainbow connection, if you're a Muppet fan. To judge by world census figures, this portion of humanity, who feels "something more", is by far the majority on all continents. However, for many centuries, human spirituality has been dominated by authoritarian faiths that seek less to facilitate and more to control, dictate, and ultimately suppress the human connection to spirituality (both the psychological kind and the "something more" kind).

While every major world religion (or the lack thereof) has merit and value, and is able to spiritually feed human beings, authoritarian control of all kinds is anti-spirit. What we're seeing now, world wide, is an awakening to the reality that religion must be flexible enough to adjust to the spiritual needs of curious, intelligent, educated, awakened, and thoughtful humans. In response, many are becoming privately spiritual, seeking a more individual "rainbow connection".

This is a good thing, and I see it continuing for some time to come, at least until something new (or a new version of something old) arizes to fill the gap that fundamentalist calcification has left between human beings and the Great Mystery that some call Divine.

Rhiannon Louve's life history at a glance: At around age 5, Rhiannon Louve realized she was a boy. At age 8, xe realized xe was a writer. At age 9 xe began to take pride in being weird. At age 10 xe thought xe might be an alien, but at age 13 realized that no, xe was just a werewolf. At age 15, xe realized xe was a Pagan. At age 16 xe decided to live as a girl, even though xe was still a boy. At age 19 xe realized xe was a hippie freak.

Life's been mostly on an upswing since then. These days, Rhiannon writes freelance for video games, table-top roleplaying games, short fiction and essay anthologies, private fiction commissions, and xir own muse. Xe holds a Master of Arts degree in Applied Theology, from a program combining interfaith theological exploration with pastoral counseling education. Xe volunteers in xir community, speaks regularly at science fiction and other conventions, and studies primate psychology and human languages as a hobby. Xe speaks English and French, and is getting kind of decent with Spanish. Xe also studies Japanese, Swedish, Chinese, Swahili, and Irish, and intends to keep going from there.